Roja45: Products Rentals

Roja45: Products Rentals

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Roja45: Product Rentals.  An affordable product rental solution for Prestashop, set up and rent your catalogue with just one click.

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Roja45: Product Rentals: An affordable product rental solution for Prestashop, set up and rent your catalogue with just one click.  Cars, bikes, tools, dvd's, anything.

This module provides the necessary changes to allow you to rent selected products in your store. With one click your selected products will be extended with the necessary extensions to rent, track, and manage your rentable products.

Products with combinations will be converted into multiple modules, one module per combination, using it’s assigned images and quantities. Products without a combination will have a single module created, inheriting that product’s images and quantities.

A number of new screens will be provided to keep track of those rentals that are due to be returned, or overdue, and allow you to indicate when a rental model has been returned. Other screens will let you track your near term quantity requirements with a visual representation of rentals over the coming month.

The system will create an initial rental rate based on the product, or combination, price, but you are free to create further rates based on your won requirements.

A seasonal pricing system allows you to alter the pricing based on your defined dates.

An extras system allows you to create any number of additional items to be sold along with your principal product, extras can be sold on a daily or rental period basis.

Models can be given additional information not present in Prestashop by default, contact details, addresses, and position location, all which will be presented to the customer on a successful payment.

After proving dates from the standard product screen, customers will be presented with a new availability screen where they will be able to select the models they require and the number of each model. Prices, including any seasonal rates and taxes, will be calculated onscreen and shown to the customer, before they select to complete their reservation.

Prestashop Versions

1.6.0.x - 1.7.2.x

Module Features

  • Add multiple products, with multiple models to the cart.
  • Rent selected products in your catalog.
  • Automatically create rental modes from product combinations
  • Uses Prestashop stock availability and future rentals to determine availability.
  • Rental tracking screen, return products to stock when they are received.
  • Monthly product requirement graph, showing rentals versus stock on hand
  • 1-click setup, if your catalog is ready, you can start renting immediately.
  • Rate system for final control over your prices
  • Seasonal pricing system
  • Extras system for items to sell along with your products

For Your Customers

  • Quickly and efficiently you can create a rental store for your customers needs.


One click installation, no core files modified, no complex installation processes.

How We Help

  • Installation and User Guide
  • 90 days direct support from date of purchase.
  • Free ticket support thereafter.

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The premium module includes free standard support through our ticketing system, upon purchase an account will be created for you to raise your requests.

Roja45 - Prestashop Modules, Themes and Services.  Custom Development, Configuration, and Support.

Prestashop Minimum Version1.6.0.x
Prestashop Maximum Version1.7.2.X
Prestashop Core OverridesNo
1-Click InstallYes
Multistore CompatibleNo
Free ModuleNo

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Roja45: Products Rentals

Roja45: Products Rentals

Roja45: Product Rentals.  An affordable product rental solution for Prestashop, set up and rent your catalogue with just one click.

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