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Roja45: Delete Orders

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Roja45: Delete Orders.  Free module to delete unused, unwanted, test, or erroneous orders from your system.

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Roja45: Delete Orders: This module gives you the ability to delete orders from your system. A new Bulk Order Delete option will be installed in the orders menu displaying a list of all the orders in your system. From here you can delete individual orders or bulk select.

From the configuration you can set specific order status types as protected so you cannot delete them by mistake. From here you can also install a delete option in the standard order list page, prevent or enable the deletion of associated carts for the order, and whether to delete the order permanently.

All orders as they are deleted will first be assigned a Order Deleted state, installed by default when installing the module. This process allows you to assign a email template to the order deletion process which can be configured to send an email on the deletion.

Module Features

  • FREE
  • Single order delete
  • Bulk order delete
  • Send email on deletion.
  • Protect order states from deletion.
  • Cross browser support.
  • Configurable request form.
  • Responsive design.
  • Consistent across desktop and mobile platforms.

For You

Back Office administration module to clean your database of orders from testing.

How We Help

  • Installation and User Guide
  • Free Forum Support.

What's New

Version: 1.0.0 03/02/2016)

  • Initial Release

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NB.  Free modules are not supported via our online ticket system.  If you would like support for this module you can either ask a question in the forum, or purchase our Premium Support package.

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Prestashop Minimum Version1.6.0.x
Prestashop Maximum Version1.6.1.x
Prestashop Core OverridesNo
1-Click InstallYes
Multistore CompatibleYes
Free ModuleYes

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Roja45: Delete Orders

Roja45: Delete Orders

Roja45: Delete Orders.  Free module to delete unused, unwanted, test, or erroneous orders from your system.

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