Prestashop Modules 

Free and low cost Prestashop modules and addons for your online store.  Incorporate responsive design elements, extend the capabilities of your store, and improve on the functionality provided by the Prestashop software.


  • Prestashop: Free Modules

    Free Prestashop Modules.  Improve your store quickly with these addons.

  • Prestashop: Front Office Modules

    Front Office Modules allow you to customize the look and feel of your store, improving your site navigation or helping to make your store unique, engaging and adapted to your business needs.

  • Prestashop: Payment Modules

    Our Prestashop payment modules offer a range of methods to allow your customers to pay for goods in your store.

  • Prestashop: Product Modules

    These modules are specifically tailored to enhancing your products, either with the addition of methods to capture more information, provide feedback navigation enhancements, or increasing the scope of product type you can sell in your store.

  • Prestashop: Administration Modules

    The modules for site administration simplify the daily management of your store, increase your website performance and dashboard modules to help optimize your store.

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Showing 7 - 11 of 11 items