Roja45: Property Rental Manager

Roja45: Advanced Property Manager

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Roja45: Advanced Property Manager.  Booking and reservations module that adds hotel, hostel, and private house booking capabilities to selected products in your catalog. Build your very own with Prestashop.

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Advanced Property Manager: adds rental capabilities to selected products in your catalog. Create your different accommodations, define the room types,create a selection of nightly rates for those rooms, and let the user see the price and availability based on their vacation requirements. Manage hotel, hostel, private apartment, and holiday home reservation, each with their own rates and setup to build your very own with Prestashop.

Reservations are added to a standard Prestashop cart and follow the normal checkout process, online payments can be made to secure your reservations.

New in version 1.3.0:
  • Create reservations from the admin console, you can search for properties, select dates, see availability, and select rates and extras, before confirming and requesting payments.
  • Edit existing reservations, change rates, and extras.
  • Updated payment profiles. Properties can have specific payment profiles, 100%, 50% etc which are applied during checkout, these can be dependent on the time until the reservation, e.g. more than 30 days, 50%, fewer than 30 days, 100% payment required.
  • Reservation Post Processing, automatically update reservations to payment due, trigger payment requests, customers arriving and leaving.
  • New Property view, faster access to the property details editor.
  • New Calendar view, faster access to the calendars of each property.
  • Updated process to block dates, click and block.
  • New Status editor, change the status email templates, and when they should send emails.
New in version 1.2.0:
  • Reworked reservation process, status of customer reservation now tracked from cart through to arrival.
  • Reservation statuses let you track the status and send specific emails when the status is changed.
  • Reworked payment profiles, payment in full and deposit+final payment included. Payments are calculated during the checkout process, outstanding payments can be tracked.
  • Force user account creation during checkout, regardless of whether a payment is required or not.
  • Reserve with zero payment and cart checkout.
  • More detail in reservation summary and update reservation dates.
  • Notify customers of due payment from the reservation summary, customers can make payments due via a new cart order.

New in version 1.1.0:

  • New availability screen where customers can see all rooms, room details, rates, and seasonal pricing for their requested dates before adding the reservation to their cart.
  • New property list in admin to quickly view, edit, enable and disabled properties
  • Update standard product price automatically to display lowest rate in product lists.
  • New reservation summary in order details in the Back Office
  • Price periods can be made recurring.
  • Child ages are now supported. Children will be considered free, as children, or as adults depending on the configuration of the property.
  • Service charge can be made optional for customer.
  • Warning tab in admin with provides detail of the product is not configured correctly.
  • My Reservation tab added to customer account to view reservation summaries.
  • Add optional note to calendar entries.
  • New administration booking summary email template,
  • New client reservation received template
  • New client payment and accommodation detail email template

Module Features

  • Select you products that you would like to manage as properties.
  • Properties can have any number of rooms types.
  • Rooms can have a selection of rates associated.  We provide a selection of rates pre-defined.
  • You can define seasonal periods throughout the year and create seasonal rate price.
  • Payment profiles allow you to set the amount required to be paid during checkout to secure the reservation, e.g. 50% deposit payments.
  • Maintain a calendar of reservations against your properties.
  • Add calendar entries to mark dates as booked and unavailable.
  • Search from the front end for available properties based on specific property search criteria.
  • Reservation summaries displayed in the customers cart during checkout, and email templates for custiomer communication.

For Your Customers

  • Real time availability.
  • Accurate prices based on group and dates.
  • Booking Confirmation
  • Standard secure Prestashop checkout process


One click installation, no core files modified, no complex installation processes.

How We Help

  • Installation and User Guide
  • 90 days direct support from date of purchase.
  • Free ticket support thereafter.

Let Us Know

Was this module useful, have some ideas how we can improve it, need to know something specific or need a developer to modify it for you? Leave a review or get in touch.


The premium module includes free standard support through our ticketing system, upon purchase an account will be created for you to raise your requests.

Roja45 - Prestashop Modules, Themes and Services.  Custom Development, Configuration, and Support.

Prestashop Minimum Version1.6.0.x
Prestashop Maximum Version1.6.1.x
Prestashop Core OverridesNo
1-Click InstallYes
Multistore CompatibleNo
Free ModuleNo

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Roja45: Advanced Property Manager

Roja45: Advanced Property Manager

Roja45: Advanced Property Manager.  Booking and reservations module that adds hotel, hostel, and private house booking capabilities to selected products in your catalog. Build your very own with Prestashop.

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